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       The Deqing Hangzhou station complex tool Co., Ltd. is a the former Hangzhou Tools Factory complicated tool factory restructuring founded, the company has a strong technical device capabilities, advanced testing equipment, for a long time in the production of complex tool has accumulated a wealth of experience incustomers, establishing a good reputation. Have the Complete Woodworking disk knives and woodworking endmills main products; anchorage the cutter and anchorage serrated Taps; the set-reamer sets reamer nested Taps; various types of carbide milling reamer; per arc Taps and non-standard tap and thread cutter. At the same time according to customer requirements designed to customize a variety of complex non-standard tools.

       Stable and reliable quality and personalized services,we abide by the   commitments to customers.We will always establish a brand image for the center   to rely on scientific and technological innovation,talent management basis and   Striving to create worldclass enterprises.

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